Pine Grove Park Bed and Breakfast

Situated outside of the Wisconsin Dells in Reedsburg, WI , Pine Grove Park Bed and Breakfast is a hidden little gem. ( So much so, that if traveling at night to get there, it might be a little difficult to find as we found out. Pulling in the rocky driveway near midnight, our first encounter with the b&b was with a group of deer whose eyes were reflecting yellow in the headlights. I have to admit even though in the distance there are some houses that back up onto the property, at night it is pitch black. The owners, Jean and Kurt, didn’t mind that we arrived late and accommodated to our situation. They placed the room key in a spot where we could find it and our only obligation was to fill out the breakfast menu for Jean on what we wanted to drink in the morning.

Breakfast in a basket

In the morning there is the most delightful surprise, not including awaking to your surroundings. They knock on your door in the morning around 8 a.m. to drop off a picnic basket full of your breakfast. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, perhaps just a basketful of breakfast pastries and muffins. But to my delight, they had cooked a full-fledged breakfast, neatly wrapped every dish, and placed them on trays in the basket. It is an art in itself to pack the basket so perfectly. The menu is even tied to the side of the basket by a ribbon. I can’t even tell you from my pictures what exactly the breakfast was the first morning except that it was delicious.
We decided to drive to Mirror Lake State Park and hike around for a while. It wasn’t too exciting with nothing in bloom in April, and we wished we had just stayed at Pine Grove and hiked around on the 55 acres that they own. They even have their own pond.
They have four guest houses and we stayed in the Monarch Guest House. It was very cozy and had a nice view of the 55 acres in the back. We even had a little patio to sit out on and eat our breakfast in the morning. I would have liked to see the landscape in full foliage, but it was still nice even in April to be able to sit in the sun on the patio and eat.
The second morning’s breakfast consisted of strawberries and cream, a chocolate breaded pudding, and an egg casserole dish. They are full, hearty Wisconsin breakfasts, where one tray was enough for two.

Second breakfast

Before we left we peeked in the windows of the other guest houses, no one was staying in the ones we looked in, and they all looked comfortable. Blake and I agreed that we liked the privacy of ours the best. I think I described in their guest book before I left that the quietness that surrounds the area is like someone hit the mute button on reality. It was a bit of a drive from Chicago, but it was nice birthday get away for a weekend.

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  1. Blake Schafer says:

    The room was great and very realxing. The food was amazing to be delieverd to your door in the morning. A very nice place to go and unwind!

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