Caledonia House Bed and Breakfast

Caledonia House Bed and Breakfast

Blake and I had our second night’s stay at a bed and breakfast booked since May, so it was under great discussion of where we wanted to stay our first night in Oregon. We decided to stay on the coast in the small town of Seal Rock at a cute place called Caledonia House Bed and Breakfast. While some people might skim over this place because there are no ocean views, I would still suggest giving it a chance, at least for a night. Belinda, the owner, will give you directions to the locals’ beach access a ¼ mile up the road if you’re looking for the beach – and you will be the only ones there! Seal Rock State Park is also up the road a little further past the locals’ access point.

The yellow house from the front doesn’t look like it could accommodate five rooms but it can and very well too. We were the only ones staying on that Wednesday night and it was quite nice. We felt very catered to because of this. We stayed in the Islay Escape room, which is the largest room on the premises. It has a large, four poster queen bed with delicate fabric draped throughout the posts. It also has access to a deck. The bathroom has double sinks and a tub/shower combo.

One of the cute perks of this place is the tub house. I had to e-mail Belinda before we booked for an understanding of the tub house because it wasn’t quite clear from the website on whether it was accessible to all guests or only the ones staying in the room we were in.

You enter the tub house from the side deck off our room, but it is accessible to all guests. Inside is a large Jacuzzi tub with towels and your choice of bubble bath, bath salts or both. When you’re not the only guests staying, you’re limited to only one hour. You’re also required to spray it down when you’re done to clean it, but Belinda does go in after each guest to clean.

A plate with two butter cookies was in our room when we arrived. It was a sweet treat to eat while we enjoyed checking out our room and before we headed to the beach. The beach was quiet except for the roaring of the waves and it was shrouded in white fog. Make sure to pack warm clothes if you are heading to the coast. Despite it being the end of July I still needed a sweatshirt and my rain/wind jacket. While at the beach we explored the tide pools while we watched the tide roll back in. Sea anemones, shellfish and starfish of all colors are clinging to the rocks.

We decided to eat in town at a Japanese restaurant called Yuzen for sushi. I decided that if I was going to stay on the coast I wanted some fresh fish! The California rolls practically melted in my mouth. Service was a little slow but I heard the woman say that they had cut back to winter staff recently due to it being slow. They were quite busy when we were there and Belinda said they had some of the best sushi on the coast. If you’re looking for a late night bottle of wine to celebrate finally being on vacation, head north to the border of Newport and there’s a little convenience store on the left hand side.

In the morning, it was time for breakfast! When we had checked in, Belinda was kind enough to do a little survey of our food preferences. We started out with a berries and cream dish and blueberry scones. Then we were served a spinach frittata with bacon, toast and Scottish sausage. All of it was very, very good.  She’ll also serve you juice, water, coffee and tea. It is a good start to the day. Before we checked out, we headed back to the beach where we discovered the fog had rolled out along with the tide and the sun had come out to finally greet us.

Belinda’s husband was not there during our stay but he is Scottish and the whole B&B has a Scottish theme. Throughout the house there are pictures of Scotland and while you’re there to be enjoying Oregon, a part of you really wants to venture forth toward Scotland.

Other things the Caledonia House has to offer you:
•    A community closet in case you forget your shampoo or soap
•    A computer with internet access
•    Postcards to browse before you leave
•    A guest kitchen
•    A delightful area where you eat breakfast with small tables for two, a fireplace and a big screen tv that Belinda uses to play relaxing music while you eat
•    A few acres of trails to hike behind the house

Don’t forget to mark their map before you leave with where you’re from!

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  1. Blake Schafer says:

    This was a great place to see the area. It was very nice of Belinda to tell us how to get to the beach, via a path that was right down the street. Going out onto the beach there, was an incredbile feeling the first time. The food was delicious at the B&B along with a very nice room. I also suggest going into the tub house and relaxing!

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