Americans not using all their vacation days

I can singly attest that I am guilty of doing this. My first year on the job I thought it was wrong as a new employee to take off all 10 of my vacation days, so I took 5 and rolled over 5 into the next year. The next year I had 15 vacations days and I only took 11 and rolled over 4. The year after that I rolled 5 into this year and got paid for 3. Meaning I only took 6 vacation days. Oh the shame…

CNN Money nails it on the head again today, stating that the average American only takes 14 of their 18 vacation days. Everyone raise their hand if they’re guilty. On the other side of the pond, the average French worker took 35 of their 37 days off. That’s seven and half weeks of vacation time. A dream to most in the States.

The sad part – those 448 million days we gave up is equal to 67.5 billion dollars worth of time.

I  understand not wanting to be away from the office in this economy where most people feel like they’re doing the jobs of 2 or more people. But even if you can’t board a plane and fly somewhere, taking time out at home counts too. The point is to just take some time for yourself and relax. And the best part, paid vacation days mean you’re getting paid to relax.

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2 Responses to Americans not using all their vacation days

  1. Helena says:

    Sometimes, my favorite “vacations” are when I take a random day off to make a three-day weekend.

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for commenting! I’d still feel guilty if I did that… I have to be going somewhere even if it’s not too far away. : ) Although I do love three-day weekends.

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