Portrait of American Travelers study

I am trying to work as diligently as possible to update this on my vacation this past June.  I try to avoid just slapping anything up here as I find it important to take the time to think about what I liked or didn’t like about the places I went to, and then take the time to write a considerate entry.

So, in the meantime, I found this today. It is the Ypartnership/Harrison Group 2011 Portrait of American Travelers study. Interesting stats found were:

Nearly eight out of 10 leisure travelers (79%) intend to stay at a B&B at some point during the next year.

13% of American leisure travelers indicated they stayed at a B&B or inn at least once during the past year.

Comfortable beds and linens was the amenity most often cited as what travelers expect to see during a B&B stay.

For more stats and interesting figures visit the press release.

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