The search for the elusive perfect pancake

I’m allowed to write about pancakes, even if they’re in my own town. After having eaten probably some of the most perfect pancakes at the Requa Inn, I am now on the hunt in Chicago for a good pancake.

Unfortunately, Merles Cafe down the street from me closed and I was very sad. Because they had such good breakfasts, it was nice on Sunday morning to walk down there, say hi to Silvia behind the counter and get good pancakes. They weren’t perfect necessarily, but they were good. Since, they closed I’m hunting for a new breakfast place.

Sunday morning Blake and I tried Clarke’s Diner on Belmont. We both got the pancakes. Apparently, they oven bake their pancakes, and I’m not quite sure what that entails doing. From what I can tell online you put the batter in the skillet and then bake the skillet in the oven. Maybe, I’m just not an oven baked pancake person, or maybe I just didn’t like these, but they seemed kinda rubbery in that I had a hard time cutting through them and they were sticking together.

I also don’t douse my pancakes in syrup. I dip each individual bite in syrup. I know only one other person who does this and when we found out each other did it, we were shocked.

So on with my search. If you know of any good Chicago pancakes, let me know!

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