It’s National Park Week!!

Currently running, National Park Week started April 21 and will end on April 29. All 397 national parks and monuments will have free admission so you can visit the beauty that they offer. If you’re near places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon that normally charge $25 to get in, this is a great deal.

The National Park Service released 10 Healthy Things to do During National Park Week. The Sacramento Bee posted the release.

In honor of this week, MapQuest jumped in too and released Mapquest National Parks. You can view all 58 national parks, look at activities in the area and also watch videos. They also have beautiful pictures of each park.

Trying to consider which park is the best one to visit in April? Lonely Planet listed a few that would be good ones to visit during this shoulder month.

Forbes seems to think that because you’re saving money by not paying for admission fees you should treat yourself to a luxurious stay during your week. They list 10 of their top places.

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