A Manly Man’s B&B

Men sometimes seem so down on B&Bs. “They’re so flowery.” “So girly girl.”And can you imagine two male friends staying together in a B&B? Forget it. They’d rather stay at the Motel 8 down the street then get caught staying together in one. But, if you ask me they’re missing out big time.

And at the Farmers Guest House in Galena, IL (my  home state!) they cater to the man. Your man can even stay in the man cave , their comfortable living room, watch the big screen TV, crack open a cold one and enjoy sports while his lady is shopping away on Main St.  If he rather not sit in front of a TV, he can choose from 12 different championship golf courses. And forget the fou fou packed lunch, the Farmers Guest House will pack him a manly lunch to go, complete with a double-stacked all meat sandwich, pickles, chips and beer. Better yet, they can be discreet on the bill so the lady will never know.



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