Southern Ocean Lodge: The Food

SOL Dining Room

The food of SOL needs it’s own section because it is spectacular. Reading the Trip Advisor reviews before arriving had me a little hesitant as most were raving but a few were less so. Some people had comments that they weren’t served enough food, and while after being there I could see that being the case for some people, it was enough for me. The menu is changed every day, however there is an optional “classics” menu that doesn’t change if you are looking for more basic food like a hamburger or steak. We never ordered off of that unless we wanted a side of French fries or mashed potatoes to go with our main meal. (And I would not deter anyone from eating those, as they were delicious too.)

Don't be ashamed to get the fries if need be, they're good

SOL uses local, South Australian, fresh organic ingredients, some of which are right outside their door. Neither Blake or I are genuinely adventurous eaters, but as they say when in Rome… and we were not disappointed. The first night we tried Kangaroo Island freshwater marron tail, an Australian crayfish that kind of looks like a piece of lobster.  The entrée was wild caught coorong mulloway, an Australian fish that can grow up to 2m in length and tastes delicious, but I wouldn’t want to meet him in the water…ever. For dessert they served, three lodge-made waffle cones with ice cream.

Freshwater marron tail

Lodge-made waffle cones and ice cream

Over the next three days we tried more kingfish, barramundi, venison, a salad of heirloom tomatoes and herbs, ligurian honey ice cream with frozen milk and bee pollen, flowers, brassica (a vegetable), and limestone coast 9+ wagyu beef that we were promised would be the best beef we ever had. It was.

Colorful salads

Eating at SOL is part of the exotic experience of staying there. Blake and I had promised each other that anytime they offered us a drink, we’d say yes (it was our honeymoon after all) and that we would try new things. We were never disappointed.

Heirloom tomato salad with flowers

In fact, in trying new things, Sally, a staff member, even created a new cocktail for us. So special in fact we were able to name it. If you go, ask for the R&B Malibu. It even includes Kangaroo Island gin. Sally was kind enough to have them ready for us after a long day of sightseeing and at our dinner table.

R&B Malibu courtesy of Sally

At the end of our stay there, staff had stockpiled the menus for both lunch and dinner for me to bring home. I will not be able to find most of the things here in Chicago that I ate there, but looking back over the menus brings me back to a place of happiness.

When we eventually went back to Sydney we treated ourselves to a dinner at the nicest restaurant in Sydney, Aria. It was paltry in comparison. Save yourself the trip and head straight to SOL instead.

The view from dinner at SOL

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