Southern Ocean Lodge: The Spa

View of the SOL Spa from the cliff top walk

While Blake and I decided to take our honeymoon just over a month after our wedding, a relaxing morning at the spa was definitely needed after 14 months of planning a wedding.

Back in Chicago we had printed out the spa menu to pick what treatments we wanted to do when we arrived at SOL. We had read online that the spa can book fast, so best that you have your appointments booked ahead of time before arriving.

They have a few treatments geared toward men specifically, so Blake chose the Remarkable Man, named after the Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park. His treatment included starting in a steam room to detoxify and relax, followed by a Bay of Shoals mineral salt back exfoliation and then a back and scalp massage. To finish, a gentle face cleanse with exfoliation and a facial massage.

I was torn on what to choose, but decided to treat myself to the Ligurian Honey and Almond Wrap. The treatment begins with a Bay of Shoals mineral salt exfoliation, followed by a blend of ground almonds, honey and warm water applied to the body. You are then wrapped in a warm cloth and left to relax. You then rinse off in the rainwater shower and enjoy a massage with essential oils and lavender mist.

Our morning at the spa started at 10:30. Two women welcomed us and told us to change into robes for our treatments. We were then told we could sit in a little lounge room with each other before we started. The lounge room, like everything else at the lodge, looked out over the expanse of the ocean. Blake was then led to the steam room to start and I was taken to my treatment room.

SOL spa lounge

My spa therapist started with an Aboriginal smoke ceremony while my feet soaked in a bowl of water to clear the past and bring my mind and spirit into the present. I then discussed with her any problems areas I had that she could concentrate on during the massage. I was first exfoliated and then slathered with almonds and honey and then, like the description said, wrapped in a warm cocoon of towels and sheets. When my cocoon time was over, she came back in to unwrap me and at one point I felt like I was laying on the table naked, however the towel had become so chilly it only gave the illusion of being bare. Nothing about it was uncomfortable, just a funny sensation. I then rinsed off in the famous rain shower that is advertised in many of SOL’s photos; a woman standing naked in front of two windows showering. Which is exactly what I did. Liberating knowing nothing is out there but wallabies and whales.

SOL spa treatment room with rain shower

Once the treatments were over Blake and I met back in the lounge to drink the spa tea, which can only be had, as we found out later, at the spa. It is delicious and relaxing. We laid back in the lounge chairs, drinking tea, soaking in the amazing view and giggled like schoolgirls over our spa treatments. I then wrote in the guestbook and we changed to continue with the rest of our day.

While the treatments are certainly not cheap, they are luxurious. And if you have the funds to treat yourself to one while staying at SOL it will be another added delight to your trip.

A remarkable man 🙂

All relaxed and done with the spa!


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