In 2010, I made myself a goal, a lifetime goal really, to see all 58 National Parks. I’ve only been to a handful, the Grand Canyon I don’t remember at all having only been about two. But I thought with all the wondrous things just within the United States I could feed my hunger for travel just within my own country. Of course, I have my list of other places I’d like to see outside our borders, number one being Antarctica, but this seemed more doable at the moment.

I then started researching and began to realize that this goal might be a tad harder to accomplish then what I had originally thought. Except that challenge just made me want to accomplish the goal even more. For instance, there are some national parks in Alaska that you need to be flown into – and one of the national parks in Texas, (my first shock being that Texas even has national parks, because, well, it’s Texas) sits on the border of Mexico and is hundreds of miles from any major cities.

I decided that I would write about this goal and put it out there for others to be educated on my traveling experiences and also, because once it’s out there for others, there’s no turning back on your goals.

I’m also starting to fancy bed and breakfasts. They are usually a bit homier than hotels when traveling and well, some sort of pancakes are usually included.

Thus we come to Parks and Pancakes.

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